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With our unique and hands-on approach , our physical therapy stands out and achieves Real Results that can be seen and felt.

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Our physical therapy program stands out for its distinctive approach, meticulously crafted through the integration of cutting-edge technology developed by our founder, Rob Collewijn. With a track record of success, Rob's innovative application of physical therapy techniques has generated numerous success stories around the world.
Coupled with our enthusiastic, friendly, and expertly trained staff, this approach cultivates an unparalleled experience aimed at enhancing bodily function, alleviating pain, and leaving our patients feeling markedly improved from their initial arrival.
Whether struggling with knee, shoulder, low back, or jaw pain, dysfunction can often be the root cause of discomfort within the body. Our primary objective is to work with you to restore optimal function, thereby alleviating dysfunction and pain. Our therapists are committed to providing individualized attention, with the full support of our cohesive team, ensuring a comprehensive utilization of available resources to achieve tangible and enduring results.

Using our state-of-the-art equipment, with the expertise of our Doctors and our Technicians, we help create an environment for the body to heal most effectively and efficiently.

State-of-the-Art Techniques

Free Motion offers a variety of services to enhance your program, aiming to improve all aspects of your functionality and overall health and wellness. Our services include Therapeutic Ultrasound and Electric Stimulation, which enhance circulation and range of motion through our distinctive Neufit Machine. Additionally, we integrate the Thor Handheld cold laser to facilitate tissue healing and promote enhanced healing properties by reducing inflammation in targeted areas of the body.
From additional services such as our "Master Reset," which balances the load on your nervous system, to exercises on the Neubie, and even sessions on the NovoThor full-body Red Light bed, aimed at increasing circulation, accelerating healing, reducing inflammation, and offering numerous other benefits. At Free Motion, you can rely on us to provide supplementary remedies to optimize your overall results. You can even indulge in a dip in our Cold Plunge for added rejuvenation.

A strong base and continued success in one's regimen is backed on the importance of a good and proper exercise program.

Free Motion establishes proper steps and gradients for every patient to help educate and train exercises to improve your Range of motion, mobility , flexibility, strength and more.
Come see our trainers and our facility which is designed to give you the optimal training and exercises needed to achieve your desired results far beyond what you thought was possible before. Personal one-on-one training available and education on basics of fitness and seeing real results and improvements for you body. A stronger body is a more able body.

Take your recovery and general wellness to the next level with state of the art Health and wellness technology.

Establishing an optimal internal environment within the body is important for facilitating maximal recovery and gains. When complemented by various treatments, workout techniques, and our array of unique health and wellness technologies—including the Novothor, Neubie, Infrared Sauna, cold plunge, and LIVE02—individuals can harness these resources to enhance the body's capacity for recovery, inflammation reduction, and oxygen utilization, thereby promoting the most efficient cellular function possible.

Contact us to learn more about all the equipment that we use to help you to full recovery and well-being!

Why Choose Free Motion Physical Therapy

At Free Motion Physical Therapy, our approach is truly unique, and it's all about achieving real results that you can see and feel. We've crafted a special blend of hands-on techniques and state-of-the-art technology to ensure that your therapy experience is like no other. With thousands of success stories around the world, we're dedicated to helping you overcome knee, shoulder, low back, jaw and any other pain by addressing the underlying dysfunction. Our team will work with you one-on-one, combining our expertise and utilizing the latest equipment to create the optimal healing environment for your body. When you choose Free Motion Physical Therapy, you're choosing a personalized, effective, and upbeat approach to restoring function and reducing pain.
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PHYSICAL THERAPY to heal and relieve your body

Physical therapy promotes healing and relieves body pain through targeted exercises, manual therapy, and specialized equipment. Therapists focus on restoring mobility, improving strength, and alleviating discomfort to enhance overall function and quality of life. Whether recovering from injury, managing a chronic condition, or seeking preventive care, physical therapy offers a personalized path to relief. Meet our world-class providers below!
Rob Collewijn
"Together we improve your body’s health and functions."
Julian Collewijn
"Look and feel younger, and be happy and healthy!"
Chris Ewell
"We are dedicated to providing personalized care."
Whether you're recovering from surgery, managing a chronic condition, or striving to reach your peak performance, Free Motion Physical Therapy is here to support you every step of the way.
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