Success stories

When I came into Free Motion I felt my body was broken and wondered seriously if it was a permanent thing. The tech used here was completely unknown to me, even though I usually try to keep up on these things. So I was suitably surprised and very pleased when my body got fixed what seemed to be effortlessly. I’m very impressed and thankful. Thanks to my therapist Chris.


When I came here I had a lot of pain and discomfort in my back. This was affecting my day to day life dramatically. I love to walk and I was unable to do as much of that as I liked. I was getting shooting pains in my back when I was sleeping at night. It wasn’t fun. The body now feels much more comfortable. I walked 14.5 miles on the weekend without a problem. Sleep is good again. Overall I feel good and much stronger. Thank you Chris and Rob.


When I came in two weeks ago I couldn’t put my left foot on my right knee to put my shoe on. Today, for the 1st time I did it almost completely pain free for the first time in a very long time. Thank you very much.


I started the cycle with Free Motion because I wanted to have my leg fixed. However Rob, Chris, and Daniel found out, that there is a lot more connection to that condition. Within only a couple of sessions my body got so well fixed that I now really feel good using my leg for the daily motions without pain. I am quite in awe and really thankful for the wonderful and effective service that has been delivered to me! It’s great!


I’m so happy I came here! They found the right why on my body and gave me the correct exercises to do. Never happened before in any other clinic!! The level of care and knows – ledge and skill here is AMAZING!!! I want to thank Rob, Chris, Daniel, Alejandra, Cody, Simon, Shawn, Ashley, and Julian. I love you all and can’t recommend you enough!! With love and gratitude.


When I came in I was worried there was a problem with my foot, I thought it was going to take a long time to handle and I needed to keep on my feet. When I got checked out it turned out to be a problem with my hip and they loosened it up and got me to get better shoes. I did the exercises they showed me and it made a huge difference. I came back a few days later and it was like getting a turn up and very enjoyable. I kept on my feet the whole time and the handlings were simple. If I wasn’t leaving town I’d go back every week and get my body into top shape. I’d never had physic before but I recognize now that it’s simple and easy to fix up your body if you work with people who have the technical know-how to address any physical issue. I kind of wish they had an office in Toronto, but I will definitely be back on my next trip down. Thanks so much.


I am very happy with the treatment Chris gave me. My body felt so straight and stronger on my first visit. I am glad I came to Free Motion, the care is very good and welcoming. Thanks Chris and Free Motion.


After spending thousand of dollars, for the first time sinceI had a car accident in 2013 I feel I have a hope to live pain free. Just the first session and my pain was reduced at least 40%. I hav e no words to thank enough Daniel, Cody, and all people in this wonderful place.


Incredible! My elbow pain during exercise was handled very professionally, and with a laser focus on what was the cause. I’m extremely impressed with the knowledge and experience Rob and the team bring.

No one and nothing on Google had helped my elbow condition, which was pretty debilitating especially since I’m an athlete who NEEDS to perform. I’m so glad Rob was here to help.

More than just rehabbing my elbow, the team taught me how to prevent future incidents from occurring. That itself places Free Motion above others. They really care.

I’m a VIP/celebrity trainer with International clients and I recommend Free Motion to all of them!


I had been troubled with some physical issues that were acute pain and preventing me from doing a strenuous physical program while here in Clearwater. Through some brilliant physical therapy at Free Motion with Daniel, we sourced the problem and handled it in quick order. This meant I could continue and complete the program I started with flying colors. My gratitude to the genius guys and gals at Free Motion. I have already spread the good news to others and have heard they got real tangible results like I did. Thanks for caring and having and using a technology that really works!

I have been making such progress with Nathan and Daniel that I postponed a trip to New York to continue on my program. They are an amazing team! Free Motion is an amazing group of competent, caring, healthcare pros! Physical Therapy is not easy, but it is truly worth the effort. I am so thrilled with my results. Thank you to all the staff for being so helpful and caring.

I completed the cause resurgence rundown which was amazing as part of doing the rundown I needed to handle some physical situations. I was referred to Free Motion and it was the best thing I ever did for my body. I have done lots of physical therapy and lots of handlings and Free Motion is the BEST! I could not have gotten through the rundown without the help and care of the Free Motion staff! Thank you so much for helping me achieve spiritual freedom and a better body!


This is an AWESOME place – I could barely walk when I came in and I feel great now. Chris was able to find just the right places to push and pull to release the stuck hips that led to issues in spine and ultimately knees that hurt with each step, the exercises are super helpful, and I feel better each time I do them. Everyone on the team is up tone, competent, and conscientious. Really great to feel I can come back and brush up on exercises. Thanks to ALL of you : Julian, Ashley, Simon, Alejandra, Chris, Cody, Nathan, Shawn, Daniel, and Rob.

I have been going to the chiropractor for years and years – then I discover “Free Motion” – WOW!!! I am totally sold –I love the treatment, Chris gets great results. The reason for the pain and weakness is always correctly isolated and correctly treated. The follow up ultra sound, heat, ice, and muscle stimulation therapy then top it all off – even the exercises program. It’s a complete product from start to finish. I’m very impressed and very satisfied. Thank you!!!


I was in horrible pain, and I could barely walk. I have never felt so bad, however after 3 visits with Rob and Chris I feel better than ever. It is not possible to put into words, Chris is awesome.


For years, I have had back pain and have seen chiropractors for it but it never handled it. After seeing Chris, I have felt a significant change and feel a huge amount of relief! Thank you so much!!


I had a neck that was not improving even through several chiro adjustments. I was becoming quite annoyed because a couple of months had passed and no real improvement. Then I heard of Free Motion – perfect name. I’ve been here five times and got exceptional understanding and handling on what was going on. My neck has mobility like what I had when I was 20. The stretches are fantastic and every time I do them it just feels rejuvenating. Thanks guys!


I was in so much pain when I came here; couldn’t walk, climb stairs, etc. After one treatment I felt relief and at least a 50% improvement. After two treatments I was 100% recovered and pain free. Awesome experience! Thank you all so much!


I came here with severe pain in certain parts of my body. When I was examined I was listened to and my own perceptions were taken seriously. The outcome made all sense to me and I also understood how everything is connected. I liked the fact that I could understand what is going on. Once the outpoints were fixed I started to feel better. My body is aligned now and I feel much better. It helped me to get through my service at the COS much better. It was painful but super good and I am glas to have gotten here. Thanks Daniel!


After trying some new exercises at the gym I pulled a neck muscle really bad. I didn’t come in to the clinic and kept trying to continue to work out over the next six months but I kept re-injuring myself. Finally a friend said to come see Free Motion PT so I did and was given expectations from Rob and recovery time and they were spot on. He is always spot on about how to fix any body issue. Now I see Daniel Morales another physical therapist at Free Motion PT and he has been amazing as well working with Daniel my progress has been super fast! I recommend every person to come here for any body issue.

-Jorge R.

I can’t say how much I have improved since coming to Free Motion. I’ve had a bunch of body issues over the years and the chiropractic work never really fixed anything, but Free Motion PT has found that correct way to address my body. Dr. Daniel Morales has been awesome at helping handle my body he really knows his stuff this place is amazing!

-Brian S.

Working with Daniel has been great, for he is super knowledgeable and being trained very well from the master himself, Rob Collewijn. I know because I am a physical therapist. My range of motion and flexibility has improved and overall feeling like the awareness on my movements are better. My lifts at the gym Are better and additionally, I feel more able to handle work capacity at the gym.
This is great physical therapy here and it works.

-Vinod S.

I came to Free Motion with a locked lower back. I suffered from constant attention on my back while working on recovery. It limited my activity level.
The treatment I received opened my back and hips immediately and exercise I was given help me free of pain and discomfort as well. The professionals of Free Motion explained everything they did and were helpful and considerate.
Very next day after the treatment I was able to engage in an exercise regimen for 2 1/2 hours without taking a break

-Bob P.

The changes and improvements I have had since getting my therapy and Free Motion have been beyond excellent. I had dramatic reduction in pain and much increased mobility and strength.

I have received excellent attention from Rob and his staff and from Dr. Daniel. Everyone is very attentive and helpful. I did not think results could be obtained that quickly, but much to my surprise, it was very fast. I am very lucky and very grateful I was referred to Free Motion. I will always recommend others to do the same.

-Stephen D.

The degree of interest and care from Rob and transferring down through the staff at Free Motion is nothing short of phenomenal! This degree of care is so necessary to really change conditions in and with my body which is so critical to get right at this point. There is nobody I have found out there that is even close to the handling of the body I get here at Free Motion.

-Ross R.

I came to Free Motion after my dad told me about this place. He is been coming here for over a year. He had a back injury when he was 18 and it has been hurting him since, until he started to come here. This huge relief of pain that had plagued him for so long was lifted.

Then I arrive with my shoulders and hips all messed up from over straining from my job. I came here once a week to loosen up and free me from different pains I got from a job that maybe my girl body wasn’t built for, but my determination keeps me going anyways.

Free Motion PT gives me the ability to keep going at work without being in pain or incapable of working. The staff here listen very well of the new things I throw their way and they don’t just go do the same actions thinking that’s the only thing that could be wrong. This team is very upbeat and caring and does a great job!

-Catherine C.

Since I started to come to Free Motion , I got data and realized what was the reason why I wasn’t healing after my fall and then gradually my leg started to get better and I can now run up the stairs, a big difference! I also found some exercises I was looking for some time and I can be more effective on shaping my body the way I want to.

-Elena A.

I did some out of the ordinary work for me , some physical work in preparation for hurricane Irma , such as sandbagging boarding up and securing things. After I had some unusual pain and stress in my shoulder and arm that was not going away so I came to Free Motion Rob and Christopher , and he has managed To discover 2 displaced ribs and has experience in realignment. We are putting back in operation parts of my body that have gone out due to storm. I feel more relaxed and more motion in my body.

-Avary M.

I came in with Debilitating Migraines lasting 20+ days at a time. I was unable to function and operate fully. It was a condition that was severely affecting my quality-of-life thing. I had trouble sleeping and eating and lost a lot of weight. I wouldn’t work properly, I went to tons of doctors.
Here at Free Motion, after 3 visits I now don’t get migraines and I’m happier and more full of energy and I have been in 10 years. I sleep well eat well in my production at work is much better. The exact areas of my body needed handling were handled and I am now doing great! Thank you so much!

-Aurelia G.

I got real lucky to come to Free Motion. I had been with a Physical Therapy Specialist for 3 months and still couldn’t walk. When I came in, without even touching me, Rob spotted the problem-my left core muscles were all still very weak from my left side being paralyzed. The 5 or 6 other PTs had not spotted that and were working on my left leg.

I started immediately on a program to address the correct problem and I was up and working in no time. Please note that in those prior 3 months I had been in full time physical therapy place for 6 weeks!

-Ted Palmer

I am truly a success story. After a severe motorcycle accident, and 2 months in ICU and over one year to heal. I wondered if I’d even fully recover. I went to the best rehabilitation facilities in the nation, but progress was slow and painful. It seemed I couldn’t get on the other side of it. Until I went to Free Motion Therapy!

I immediately started to see and feel progress and more forward and change my condition. I finally started to move at a desired pace. I can now walk and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Rob, Julian and the crew are some of the best people you’ll ever meet. Thank You!

-Ric Allen

When I first came in I was really feeling poorly-both acutely and chronically. I was repetitively getting injured and it was really interfering with life and my physical goals. The things I wanted addressed was to get to the source of my physical situation and to figure out what I could do to handle the scene to this dangerous situation (physical pain possibly becoming a long term chronic situation and the acute phase of my most recent injury and the repetitive injury cycle I seem to be on) wasn’t continuously happening to me.

I was able to achieve both with in relatively short period of time. Rob was amazing with the work he does and the various movement he gave me to reinforce what corrections he made, as well as to further stretch out and strengthen the various imbalances I was experiencing handled everything I wanted! I feel like the scene will only continue to improve stability and as long as I adhere to the various things we worked at, that I will be able to avoid future injuries and reach new highs athletically.

The staff were also very instrumental in my recovery and rehabilitation and it’s always a pleasure to come in and be greeted warmly by them and assisted by them all.

I would recommend Free Motion to anyone!

-Leslie Thomas

I came in with substantial hip pain which was making it painful to walk or even stand. RO found the cause in a matter of minutes. A pinched sciatic nerve on the right side. This was making my right leg weak so my left side was compensating to keep me mobile. He directed Chris to perform a series of deep massages to help relieve the pain that had developed. In only 4 visits I am now almost completely painless. Amazing job on Chris’ part in giving me my mobility back, thank you! And thank you Rob for such a quick diagnosis and expertise!
-Vince P.

I came to Free Motion with A LOT of pain in my shoulders, upper and lower back, as well as pain in both feet. Even after my first treatment I felt much better. Chris is lively, funny and always makes sure I understand what he’s doing and why. Everything is so much better, this had made a huge difference. Thank you!


I’m very happy with my treatment. I have fully recovered from injuries in my right knee and shin. The service here is great and they show true care for you and reaching your goal in their work. I like the staff here, very young, yet highly professional and up-tone. The space is very neat, and I enjoy that they send me videos of my stretches so that I can not forget them. Id like to thank Rob and Chris for taking good care of me, as well as the techs; Shawn and Nate who helped me a lot. I had these problems with my body for a vey, very long time; and only here were they patient enough to find out what was wrong and how to fix it!


I came to Free Motion with constant neck pain. Life was a torture. Ever since my very first visit I no longer had pain. I am so very happy you exist, you have no idea. Thank you for all your help.


Thank you, Rob, for giving me hope for the aging process! I now have tools to heal my body when I return to California. I came here hopeless and doubtful, and now I am leaving strong and confident after only 2 appointments.

-Tina L.

After falling on a run, I was unable to walk or sit comfortably. My first visit was with Daniel provided immediate relief, I could sit again! After just the first visit my co-workers even noticed a difference in me. Daniel and the Free Motion team were able to get me comfortable and back to my normal routine in just three visits. I am grateful to walk, sit, drive and work comfortably again.


Id like to thank the entire Free Motion staff for helping me with the physical problems I have been experiencing. They got me back on track and moving again much faster than I had expected. I would whole heartedly recommend Free Motion to anyone looking for friendly, professional and effective physical therapy.


When I came to Free Motion for the first time I had lots of pain in my hips and legs, with no hope for improvement. After my first treatment I could feel what was the beginning of good results. After just finishing my 4th treatment, I feel really good. Thank you for the great work you have done.


Thank you to everyone at Free Motion. The name really says it all. I have had excellent, spot on treatment for several physical issues that I have had for many years. REAL handlings, REAL solutions, all provided with fun, smiles and professionalism. You’re the best!

-Pat M.

I went on a trip overseas for 3 weeks where I worked 16 hours a day, 7 days a week and I was able to do all the manual labor with ease all because of everything the team at Free Motion did for me. When I got back they checked me and out and I had held up amazingly well considering what I originally came in for (back injury). I am very thankful for everything that they do and happily recommend them.

-Matt C.